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Why Screen Printing?

Quality and graphic reproduction.

The highest quality: perfect color matching, paint coating, sharp edges of artwork. Possibility to choose every color, based on the PANTONE ® color directory. Guarantee of perfect reproduction of original graphics, also in full color.

Graphic durability.

Almost life-long durability of graphics made with screenprinting is a result of thermal processing at the right temperature and at the right time, as well as usage of high quality special plastizol paints.

Timely delivery.

Fully automated printing process ensures high performance, while maintaining perfect quality and reproducibility of decorating on every piece of clothing at the same time. This allows to fulfill our Customers' orders in a very short time.

Safe products.

When pritning on textiles we use plastisol paints from world leading manufacturers. Their paints meet all ecological and hygenic standards. They are eco-friendly, PVC free and free of heavy metals. Supported by appropriate certificates.

Special effects.

The use of specialized paints and suitable additives, in combination with the appropriate machine park, allows us to offer printing with special effects, like: sugar, glitter, crystalline, puff, shimmer, glow in the dark, gel, HD printing.


Production capacity of about 500 units/h (T-shirts) makes screen printing a very attractive and cost effective solution, compared to other methods of garment marking and decoration.

Full Color Printing.

Printing with a full-color graphic or photo effect requires a great deal of experience and excellent co-operation of computer graphics with a printer, as well as having highly advanced hardware.

Color separation printing technology uses the raster method.
Raster is a monotonous image consisting of fine dots of different diameters arranged in appropriate spacing, giving the impression of the existence of tonal transitions at a distance of one hundred and ten centimeters.

The first step in obtaining full-color printing is tonal color separation, usually consisting of 7-9 channels, created by the highly experienced graphic designer.

Each channel is transferred to a separate matrix and printed in another color. Usually it is one of the PANTONE ® colors. Overlaying all rasterized colors results in an image that resembles an original graphic or photo.


Special Decorating Techniques.

The use of specialized paints and suitable additives, in combination with the appropriate machine park, allows us to offer printing with special effects, like: sugar, glitter, crystalline, puff, shimmer, glow in the dark, gel, HD printing.

Excellent Customer Service & Rapid Response To Any Of Your Queries.

We supply our customers with promotional clothing of all types on which we make prints, embroidery and other decorations.

We provide advice and experience.
Knowledge of the market allows us to choose the clothes that are best suited to the needs of the customer, and the professional technical department will propose an optimal method of decorating.

We work with distributors of most of reputable promotional clothing brands, but we also sew dedicated clothing according to the ordering party’s guidelines.

Our Salesmen Are Pleased To Assist.

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How to optimise advertising clothing production costs by 30 per cent?


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The deadline for each order is determined and confirmed individually with the Ordering Party. Usually orders up to 1 000 pieces are shipped in approx. 7 working days.

We usually accept orders from 25 pieces of one pattern. Screen printing is a method that requires proper preparation for print, which entails quite high initial costs. These costs make the screen printing of expenditures below 25 pieces relatively expensive for the Ordering Party.
Of course, there is no maximum size – it’s just a matter of time needed to complete the order. Our production capacity is even over 100,000 pieces per week.

The costs of the pre-press are always included in the final price, which is confirmed with the Ordering party after sending the inquiry and the design to be printed.

In sending the products for many years we’ve been cooperating with experienced and reliable shipping companies – DPD, Fedex, DHL. When carrying out larger expenditures, we also use the services of experienced carriers, such as Raben, DSV and MTS.
Shipping costs depend on the delivery address – the price is given with the order cost estimation. For example, sending 1 package to Germany is a cost of around € 12 net. In one package there are usually 70 to 100 shirts (depending on their size).

For customers from Poland, VAT is added to the prices according to the current rates (at this moment 23%).
Customers from outside of Poland, who, like us, have a current EU VAT number, pay net prices using the mechanism of Intra-Community Supply of Goods.
We issue invoices in PLN, Euro and GBP

In case of screen printing, the costs of printing a single piece are very high.
In case of more complex designs, in return we offer the possibility to send the Ordering Party photos of the first piece made for approval before printing the entire run.
For larger expenses, a single test costs 100 €. After the Customer confirms the entire order, this cost can be deducted from the final invoice for the entire print run.

Properly implemented screen printing is a method that allows to achieve the best results when it comes to the quality and durability of the print.
We work with graphic designers and printers with many years of experience – it is primarily thanks to them that we are able to achieve the highest quality of printing.
At the same time, we have properly tailored internal procedures, allowing us to conduct restrictive assessment of the quality of the print at every stage of the process.

If at a first glance it is impossible to distinguish and count individual colours, it is a full colour picture. Typically, such graphics have tonal transitions, mists, shadows. These are graphically complicated designs, most often in the quality of a photograph. In contrast, simple clip-arts, pictograms, logos, coats of arms, inscriptions, etc. consist of single colours that can be counted in a simple way. A common mistake is to skip white and black colours thinking that they are not “coloured” so you do not have to count them in the total number of colours. We have to print the white and black colour just like the others!

The resolution and format of the file with the pattern are crucial to get the right quality of screen printing,
For example, if you want a logo with spot colours to be printed, it must be provided in vector graphics. The use of this type of graphics guarantees the highest quality of printing. Such file is best sent to us in the open file format .pdf or: .ai; .eps; .cdr.
For a print of a full-colour graphics, the properly prepared file should have a resolution of 300 dpi and be delivered in the size of 1: 1. It can be a bitmap in any of the popular extensions: .gif; .bmp; .tiff; .pdf; .psd; .jpg (without compression).
In the absence of a file in the appropriate format, our graphic designer can of course redraw the pattern to the correct format (if the quality of the source files allows it), however this involves an additional fee.

The maximum area of printing on textiles is 45 × 60 cm, but note – this may be limited on smaller size of clothes.
Theoretically, the print can contain a maximum of 12 colours, but this is largely dependent on the specific design and colour layout.

Screen Printing & Promotional Clothing

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