Full printing process

For such designs to please the eye, our team must first perform a number of precise actions and procedures.
Each of these stages is equally important, and any error can cost dearly.

The end result is a great satisfaction of our employees, recipients and users.

See what the full printing process looks like.

Preparation For Printing.

  • The graphic artist separates the pattern (in this case, a picture of strawberries into 3 colours). Each colour is presented separately as black.​
  • The project prepared in this way is transferred by means of a printing plotter to the so-called diapositive, i.e. special film foils.​
  • The screen print template mesh is covered with a special light-curing emulsion.​
  • Drying the template takes several minutes.​

Creating The Template.

  • The films are placed on the dried matrices. Each film with a separate colour on a different matrix.
  • Exposing the emulsion to UV light takes several seconds.
  • After removing the film, the templates are rinsed with water.
  • Then they go to the drying chamber again.

Direct Print.

  • Applying plastisol paint. Each colour has to land on the corresponding matrix. For example, red for a matrix with a picture of strawberries, etc.
  • After laborious registration of templates on the device, the shirts are printed.
  • One after the other, each colour is applied to the fabric with high force by using a special rubber.


  • Thermal treatment takes place in a chamber called a tunnel where clothing spends the right amount of time.​
  • T-shirt with strawberry print is ready. Now just for the quality control, and the t-shirt goes to packaging, and then directly to the customer.

Clothes and textiles overprints in our company are created using automatic Printex devices.

Production line allows creating two design patterns at the same time with an average speed of 300-500 clothing pieces of each pattern.

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Overprint ink is strengthened in electric, two-chamber drying tunnel of the DEL series.

This process provide the overprints with high resistance against washing and abrasion for years.

Rotary printer PRISM. This 12-color, fully electric printing carousel is equipped with three in-process IR type drying stations. The maximum printing field on a shirt is 45×60 cm.

Rotary printer WORKMAN. This 8 color, pneumatic carousel, has 2 flesh type drying stations. The maximum printing field on a shirt is 34×45 cm.

Screen Printing & Promotional Clothing

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