Special Decorating Techniques

The use of specialized paints and suitable additives,
in combination with the appropriate machine park, allows us to offer printing with special effects, like:

sugar, glitter, crystalline, puff, shimmer, glow in the dark, gel, HD printing.

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Expandable dyes. These inks expand greatly during the drying process, achieving a soft rounded, three-dimensional effect. Available for both water-based and plastisol inks.


Glow In The Dark.

A great special effect ink for parties or special promotions, such as for bars or discos.



Sparking elements in the ink magically illuminate chosen highlights of a given design.



The particles from this ink vary in diameter, and cause a sparkling effect in the transparent base.


Liquid Silver.

Gives a silver-shine metallic look. Not a mirror finish but similar to a silver coin or key. Especially looks great with a white underbase on a dark garment.


Gel Clear.

This is a transparent three-dimensional layer of ink that gives a gloss effect to the substrate. Gel is perfect for creating special surface effects, for example, water droplets on a bottle.

tshirt_clear gel

Gold Shimmer.

Side A has a white underbase, side B is shimmer direct on the garment. Shimmer is another way to add a “shiney effect” to your print. A little less flashy than glitter, shimmer inks are durable over many washes.

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